History – A working estate from the early days

YS is the shortest place name in Jamaica. The current owners, the Browne family, acquired YS in 1887 when their great grand Uncle John travelled to London to purchase another property in St. Ann, Jamaica. When he arrived, that property had already been sold! He decided to buy YS, never having seen it before, and it has been in the family ever since.

YS was originally a cane farm, with a working sugar factory. YS Estate also supplied logwood for export to Europe, where the heart of the logwood tree was used for the purpose of making dye.

However, With the introduction of synthetic dyes, the need for logwood dwindled, and sugar production across Jamaica decreased over time. In the 1960’s sugarcane was phased out altogether, and the Browne family decided to focus on breeding Pedigreed Red Poll Cattle and Thoroughbred Race horses.

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