Rejuvenate your spirit!

On entering YS Estate from the main South Coast road you are immediately aware you have embarked on a magical expedition.

Surrounded by green feilds and distant mountains,horses, cattle and magnificent trees, long canopied property roads lead you to your destination – YS Falls!

A 10 minute Jitney Tractor ride across the pastures will lead you to the cascading falls you have come seeking.

Light snacks such as hot dogs are available at the Falls.

A few green fields and red cows later, you wind along the riverside in “your” jitney to arrive at nature’s true playground – YS Falls.

Expansive grounds, tasteful ecological structures, service areas, play areas and a natural wading pool inform you that you are well provided for on your visit.

Lifeguards are there to assist and indicate where swimming is permitted.

The River by its nature is rocky and sometimes slippery.  River shoes are strongly recommended when swimming in the river.



A brief stroll across the open lawns reveals the majestic YS Falls !

Disappearing among cascading pools and jungle foliage high up into the hillside you are drawn inexplicably to see what lies at the top.

In the distance, on the top level, you witness an intrepid visitor speeding from high above the Falls to the base level, only to perch 50ft high up in a tree to prepare for the next canopy Tour traverse.

Navigating Red Ginger Lilly walkways and refreshed by the river mist, you make your way along the crafted wooden walkways to see the top of the majestic falls.

With an informed choice of seven river pools where you may wade around, you step into the cool water.

Refreshed and reborn, surrounded by Jungle foliage and the cool vitality pure flowing water, you have arrived!