Watch your step! It is important to walk carefully – the walkways around the waterfalls can be slippery. Mud, algae and exposed roots can be hazardous so be sure to pay attention.

Wear your water shoes – the rocks can slippery.

Listen out – it is important to always obey lifeguard instructions.

Hold hand-rails when on the pathways.

Stick to the walkways - the grass can be slippery when wet.

Ask Lifeguards for assistance and instructions. They are here for your safety and well-being.

Swim only where lifeguards say that it is safe to do so, and only when a lifeguard is present

Keep an eye on children at all times

Make sure to check the river conditions before visiting. The condition of the river can change greatly based on the weather

Be considerate of others when visiting YS Falls.

Look but don’t touch! Make sure to respect the flora and fauna at the Falls.

Stay safe and, most importantly, have fun!


Bring alcohol to YS Falls


Use offensive language to guests or staff

Eat or drink in pools

Play ball games

Lean or sit on railings

Dive into pools or waterfalls

Wear flip flops or sandals into the water

Drink alcohol or consume drugs before swimming. Alcohol impairs your judgement and increases your risk of injury.

Litter. Help us to keep YS Falls clean

Shout, play music or make loud noises – remember that you could disturb other visitors

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